Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Cocktail Rings

If you think you have a really mono tone wardrobe with many neutral colours,such as me! there are a couple of accessorize that can really liven your outfit up this summer such as large earrings, cocktail rings and brightly coloured nail polish.

Cocktail rings are beautiful,catching a glimpse of a huge ring really excites some people and it gives an whole new level to your outfit.

I would suggest that whilst wearing one this rings you don't over dose it and wear bracelets, necklace and earrings as well as its too much to look at,so a simple high waisted denim short and an over sized black top would like amazing with a cocktail ring as it brings something to a plain outfit.


The all in ones are officially here and Megan and I love them! Practicalities put aside, they are super stylish depending what you wear and how you wear it. Playsuits for day or jumpsuits for night, both can evoke the attitude you want to send out. Personally I think jumpsuits look incredibly elegant worn as evening wear as the long flowing trousers really elongate the legs if worn with the right heels, and playsuits are lovely for playful daytime looks.

Etro Etro Spring/Summer 10 had my favourite all in ones. Their jumpsuits especially are so light and flowing- suits in these styles are perfect for going out on a hot evening paired with simply a chic clutch and dazzling earrings as the necklines dont really need a necklace. Either nature inspired patterns or just plain look best as you don't want to drown yourself your clothes.

Asos.com have a good selection of jumpsuits which similarly evoke Etro's woodland vibe...

left-right, asos eastern print jumpsuit, asos ditsy print jumpsuit, asos plum flower beach print jumpsuit, Free People lace back ditsy jumpsuit, Billabong zig zag silk jumpsuit.


Blossoms cradled in the branches of nature

Sunday, 27 June 2010


I think a great summer statement to every wardrobe this year is going to be the wedge or clog, they're one of the most comfortable shoes out there giving you an edge to your outfit without killing your feet.

They look great with jeans or playsuits, and can be worn casual or dressed up which is personaly what i love about them.

YSL Cut out wedges are gorgeous the leather makes them right on trend and the lace up and peep town at the front gives them a great casual look. This would be great teamed with a high waisted skirt and white oversized blouse for a workwear look.

Diane Von Furstenberg Wedges have really combined the clog and wedge with the heel its given, the tanned leather is perfect for beachwear or a slip dress in silk or other light weight material, great look for just going out for lunch.

Alexander Wang mules have more of a vintage edge to them with the tassel and fringed leather at the front, the heels not to high and they have a slight pointed toe,great with turned up cuff jeans and a plain v-neck t-shirt for a perfect daytime look.


Saturday, 26 June 2010

Luella Poem

Hi I'm Sabine!
(pronounced like Sabina)
I wrote a poem about one of Megan and mine's favourite labels, Luella who sadly went bust not long ago. To me, Luella was the original girly girl style. You could alway rely on Luella Bartley to create the most sumptious of dresses. I wrote the poem above quite a bit in the style of The Gruffalo, the dress which the girl is searching for is this one from the spring/summer 09 fabulous granny collection.

Joint At The Hip

Hey, I'm Megan
Me and Sabine will be duo bloggers, we've been friends for over two years now and have mostly the same sense in style and love for fashion.
As our styles are a bit different, we will give you opinions on collections we like, styles we like and general life.
Looking forward to blog :)