Monday, 16 May 2011


I wish I had fair hair so I could dye it a bubblegum colour, that would be so sweet! But I have dark hair so it would look weird :(
These are some of my inspiration photos for bubblegum hair and bubblegum coloured outfits.
I really like the 3rd photo above, with the model wearing a woolly jumper with her bubblegum hair, it looks so cosy and reminds me a lot of Miss Unkon's latest collection (which I want so badly!!)
I wish I could have the lilac faux fur jacket from Burberry s/s10 aswell.


Monday, 2 May 2011

Wedding Bells

It's been all over the news but I can't help but post a photo from the royal wedding, it was so sweet! I went along to watch, along with the millions of people who were there lining the streets leading up to Buckingham Palace. It was so busy that when the carriages went past with Catherine and William, the Queen etc it was impossible to see, but after jumping up and down and my mum lifting me up a bit I managed to catch a glimpse of Catherine for a split second as she waved our way. Using the British label Alexander McQueen for her dress was perfect - her dress Sarah Burton designed made her look part of the royal family instantly and the lace was beautiful.

I love this photograph Catherine of her sister Pippa before they go into the Abbey, a quick glimpse back and the next time you come out you'll be a Princess!