Saturday, 25 February 2012


The PPQ autumn winter show (titled 'BLACK OUT') was like Cruella Deville with elegance. An ongoing theme was dalmation print on silk, draped around the torso and cinched in at the waist. Mainly whites, blacks and the occasion green made the PPQ a/w pallete which I liked very much, the whole collection had a slightly regal feel to it. I especially liked how often the dalmation print was a dark purple or bottle green instead of always black, keeping to PPQ's youthful nature.  The hair was so beautiful, I loved how it was wavy and made sexy with the red lips, a very classic look which I haven't seen at PPQ for a while. And the classic bicycles at the end (a collaboration between PPQ and Rule bikes) were amazing, I want one so much!


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Krystof Strozyna

I loved the lighting and set up of this the Krystof Strozyna show. The clothes were very elegant and the models pristine. My favourite look was the electric blue dress above, it looks stunning on the blonde model.


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pam Hogg

As you probably know, this past week starting Febuary 17th, has been London Fashion Week, showcasing the autumn winter 2012 collections. I managed to go to a few shows with my new lens (Nikor AF-S f1.4 50mm G, incase you were wondering!) and this Pam Hogg show was my favourite. Pam Hogg is known for her bodysuit peices made from often shiny and metallic materials, which to be honest I was never that into - until I actually saw her show. Each piece is so unique, yet consistent with the way it hugs the body. This AW12 collection titled 'WILD life' was made entirely by herself and her three students, which made me suddenly feel much more appreciative of the work.

The collection was as if Pam had grabbed a bonnet wearing sister from Pride and Prejudice, Frida Kahlo and some sort of cyberman from doctor who, to create an alien-esque girl with a monobrow and wonderful lashes that only appeared at the center of the top lash. It was this bizarre mixture that just shouldn't work, but of course did,  which made me love the show so much, literally as one model left the catwalk I was jumping up and down to see what the next one would look like! And that pink, glittery embellished peice, was stunning! Such a stark contrast to the earlier pieces of the show. When the model walked on, my friend Harriet and I looked at one another, mouths literally drooping in awe of this insanely beautiful piece!

There was a lot of fleshy, transparent looking fabrics making up bodysuits with only thick black lines to preserve create an 'invisible' structure on the body. Often chiffon bows covered nipples and shoulders, showing a more delicate side, playing with femininity. One of the last looks it was as if the collection had stripped itself down completely, playing a trick on the viewer to see if they could notice the difference between real skin and flesh toned see through chiffon, as the model wore only a red structure with bows adorned vertically. But the girls were never naked, they always had their bonnets neatly around their necks.


Ps. Yes, that is Janice Dickinson sitting in the front row... I was very confused as to what on earth she was doing at a Pam Hogg show in London, but she seemed to have enjoyed it all the same! 

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Some more quick illustrations...