Friday, 28 September 2012


I went by Eurostar to Bruge, or Brugge as it's spelt there, in Belgium. It's such a cute old little city! I really enjoyed wandering around the streets there, it's pretty simple to learn your way around the cobblestreets as it's not so big. And our hotel was right behind the Bellfree, the huge bell tower in the marketsquare. My brother and I climbed all the 360 steps which wasn't actually as bad as it sounds as there were breaks every so often -plus it was cold so you had to keep moving! The churches in Bruge are stunning, we visited a few and lit a lot of candles. I love churches, when I was younger mass just meant an hour of boredom but now I have grown to really appreciate and admire the architecture and varying styles of church according to religions. The food in Bruge very tasty too, the waffles from the street sellers were better than the ones from the posh cafes in fact! There also horse and cart tours around the town, they fit in perfectly with the street, its very picturesque. We rose on a horse and cart which was so fun!


Thursday, 27 September 2012

Temperley London Spring/Summer 13

The only show I attended this fashion week was Temperley London's - as I work there! I escaped away on holiday with my best friend missing the rest of fashion week!
I was working with PR backstage and sorting out sitting the guests. It was pretty crazy but so good!!
We snacked on Itsu sushi and Proper Popcorn (sour cream and chive!) whilst running around like madmen. I've got some backstage photos from my ipod (hence the not so great quality) incase you would like to see!

The actual collection was called Return to Elegance, and elegant it certainly was. A slight 50's silhouette of dress strolled through occasionally, with a theme that reminded many of summer in the Hamptons. The skirt and top combinations would look great on Grace Kelly in High Society!
Red, cornflower blue and ivory were supreme colours, in a ribbon and tulle stripe design which started the show off.
Other later themes were the elongated, tall navy and red jersey jumpsuits worn with stunning round circle hats, covering the eyes and forehead - these looked very very cool. The thing which everybody said about this collection though, which I completely agree on, is that everything is wearable. Just simple elegance - no manic lady gaga nonsense, just beautiful pieces any woman would want to wear to show off her femininity. 
The design team were up until the early hours of that day doing fittings, which I think is amazing. The stylist Katie Shillingford showed off the pieces very beautifully. 
The cute shoes were Charlotte Olympia.