Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Flower Halo

Sorry it's been a while since we've posted!
I've just made a flower halo, so thought I'd let you know how to make one, as I said I would do so below, so here goes...

What you'll need:
Craft Wire, 3 flower bundles (£2 each from John Lewis), Ribbon (10mm x 5m is £2.50 from John Lewis)

I hope you can see the materials okay, sorry my desk is so messy!

Holding one end of the wire, measure it around your head to see how much you'll need, but when you cut the wire, add at least 3.5cm extra to cover the part where you link the two ends together.
(The wire I used was a bit too flimsy, so I doubled my amount before cutting, and then twisted the two strands together to make it stronger!)

Then twist the two ends together to make a halo.

Take one of the flowers, (John Lewis do a varitey of craft flowers, I chose to use white ones)
and place the bud on the wire, then wrap the flower's wire stem around the halo. If the stems are really long, just wrap a bit then cut the rest off!

Then cut a long piece of ribbon (make sure the ribbon colour matches the flowers btw) and start to wrap it around the halo, to cover the green stems.
Add flowers as you go a long, wrapping the ribbon around the stem of each flower, one after another.

Bundles of 3 flowers also look really nice every so often. Just put three together really closely without wrapping the ribbon around the bundle until after they are all on together.

Nearly done!

When you get to the end, make a loose loop around the halo, which you can then push the end through, in a way making a loose knot. Then with a needle and thread sew the end in place.
(Btw, if you run out of ribbon halfway through, just do this, and cut another peice of ribbon, sew in place, and carry on!)



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