Sunday, 5 June 2011

Lina Scheynius Book Launch

This is slightly late but anyway, on May 26th, a friend and I went along to photographer Lina Scheynius's 3rd book launch.

Lina is an up and coming photographer, she's already shot for Lula Magazine and Another Magazine amongst others. Her personal work though I love. Her film photographs are always portraits of herself or her friends, really intimate and raw. You often see private scenes you feel you're not supposed to, but she's showing you so you have to look, but still feel guilty as she always looks so innocent.

We got there really early, there was literally just her, her friend and us two so we felt really odd and just drank wine. I am the slowest wine drinker though so we were hanging around for a while, looking at the other books on display and looking at her photos framed on the wall. I love the one of her with toothpaste dribbling down her mouth, its really sweet and innocent, as if prompting someone to nervously say "'ve got some toothpaste...just..just there...".

Anyway after bobbling around for a bit I went to talk to Lina. She was very nice but we were both shy so it was a bit awkward haha.

Me: Hiya, I just wanted to say that I really love your photographs
Lina: Thanks
Me: I studied you for my project on Dreams as your work really fitted in with that feeling...
Lina: Oh cool! Thanks!
Me: Also, I was wondering if you use film as your photos always have such a beautiful griany quality to them?
Lina: (Nodding) Yes, yes, always film
Me: Aw yes I thought so as they're really pretty....anyway..we'll be off now
Lina: Bye, thanks for coming!



  1. your pictures are amazing<3
    i love it !!

  2. Oooh Thankyou! But just so you know all the photographs are Lina Scheynius's - not mine :) xx