Wednesday, 5 October 2011


As the weird summer has come in October, I'm yearning even more now for a real autumn. There are just so many fluffy things I want to wear! Right now I LOVE Topshop's Bavaria collection, especially the shearing gillet I tried on. It is rather big though and does swamp me a bit, I could even wear it as a dress (but I wouldn't actually). The chiffon claret/burgundy dress with the crochet waist is so beautiful, it feels very folk-like and I like that. All the o
ther pieces in the Bavaria collection are Grimm fairytales and folklore inspired, with old authentic looking embroidery and really homely floral prints in more deep claret,
ochre, bloodred and burgundy colours. I have a black satin playsuit from the collection, which has beautiful wildflower embroidery on the shoulders (a bit like the leather pieces in Christopher Kane AW2010).

Much more, Bavaria is very near to where I come from (well my mother really) in Germany. So maybe, just maybe, I can persuade her to buy me these german inspired pieces...!?

(Hmm no I definitely can't get away with it as a dress, it looks a bit odd!)

I thought I would also share a truly beautiful photography blog I came across,


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