Thursday, 1 September 2011

Beautiful Delivery!

At my internship I was asked to help get ready for a fitting. Whilst the editors assistant had to rush to Heathrow to pick up a Rodarte dress, I was in charge of collecting the many many deliveries of shoes and clothes. I had to pack everything neatly in the suitcases ready for the fitting and sew buttons on a stunning but incredibly delicate chiffon vintage Charles Anastase dress (hopefully its still alright!) But the most amazing thing was when we got a HUGE delivery - a box of Chanel Haute Couture straight off the eurostar from Paris! The box was bigger than me and when I opened it and saw the beautiful velvety hangers with their gold double c emblems my eyes lit up! The Chanel dresses were so beautiful and I couldn't believe that I was surrounded by 10 dresses worth thousands of pounds haha. My favourite two are in the photographs, I love the dark navy shift dress with big white flowers especially...

And lastly this beautiful Louis Vuitton Speedy, oooh if only it was mine haha!


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