Saturday, 17 September 2011

Day 2 Jaeger London and Daks

Jaeger London
When I was watching Jaeger London my eyes were getting bigger and bigger with excitement! (So much so that I didn't concentrate on taking photos and they turned out blurry, hence me using the proper ones above!) It was all about a woman taking inspiration from 50's dress, embracing femininity but portraying the woman as the powerful individual she is today, emphasised by the strong spanish style hats which exude class (and make you look taller). The laser cut detailing was really cute on some of the dresses and jackets and made for an exciting texture of a 'new lace' next to the very delicate and fine black mesh like lace used for sleeves.There was my favourite dress, which was a mint green soft shift dress, with pleating on the skirt, very soft pleating, and little bobbles down the arm sides, although I would have styled it without the yellow blouse underneath.There was also a lovely
mini tweed suit, a bit Chanel-y but more wearable and slightly longer shorts, and the cutest wide scalloped bib detail on the collar!
I loved it so much!

It was so crazy trying to get to Daks yesterday morning but I just managed to get there on time to see the 50's British seaside inspired collection, which was so beautifully made and presented. A recurring theme was what seemed to me, the remaking of a trench coat into a button up midi skirt. But only buttoned at the waist so as to make it like a cape with the smart little shorts underneath. The colour pallet was very 'Daks': lots of clean whites, navy and wide navy and red plaid, which I'm glad they stuck to as thats what Daks does best, and reminded me of something my grandmother may have worn in the summer, well in the second photo especially.


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