Wednesday, 21 September 2011


I wish I could have gone to the Giles show, from the photographs its looks absolutely spectacular! The whole metallic backdrop and floor makes the clothes look even more enchanting. The strong theme throughout was swans, as you can see from the amazing headdress the opening model came out in, and the soft mirage like prints on silk blazers and skirts. I love the print so much, especially I love how Giles isnt afraid to keep the vivid orange colour of the swans beak stand out in the prints against the soft beige of the feathers. The other pieces reflect this with the mainly silver and white/nudey hues against pops of red or vivid orange. The sunglasses remind me of swan eyes - beautiful yet slightly scary..! The laser cut out silver dress was just like the invite sent out - it was a silver mask with long cut up strips flowing down from it. And the closing dress and headdress worn by one of my favourite models, Daphne, amazing.


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